June 2016 Greens


The greens continue to remain healthy, while consistency in ball roll and speed has improved. We will continue to verticut and topdress on a biweekly schedule and have seen some improvement in surface drainage, with some improved firming of the surface at this point. With this program, we will continue to improve smoothness and firmness, while improving drainage.

#12 Green:

We have been working on filling voids in the green extensions and have seen a great improvement in turf coverage from the start of this project last year. We have used sod from our greens nursery to fill voids on #12 Green.



We have yet to aerify the tees, due to the last few weeks’ hot weather and finding time to complete. We will be performing this soon and will have little to no effect on play. I have noticed a great improvement in the turf coverage on tees 7,9 and 17 after our tree removal program. These tees will continue to improve, with the goal of total turf coverage on all playing surfaces, we do still have more seeding and weed control to perform in these areas.

Fescue 2016

Fairways and Approaches:

Fairways have much improved in firmness, turf coverage and texture in the past year. Our core aerification program has begun to show the improvements in deep rooting, with some improvement in drainage. We have been using a drag rope to take the dew off on days when we do not mow. This procedure aids in disease prevention, playability and it also stands the grass up for the next mowing, which provides for a more consistent cut and sits the ball up for better shot making. The approach mowers have been adjusted to cut slightly lower than the fairway to provide for a puttable surface. Overall we seem to be draining better, with a shorter wet period after rainfall.

Rough & Fescue Areas:

Our weed eradication program continues, targeting white clover this time of year. The clover flowers white this time of year and is easier to see while sitting on the sprayer, making our application more efficient as we can easily see what we need to spray out, without wasting chemical.

The planted fescue seed has mostly germinated and we have begun to spray out any broadleaf weeds that have established. Fescue 2016 We did use a light rate of seed, as to not make these areas too thick when they establish.

Like I have stated before, fescue is not an aggressive grower and needs time to establish. The areas that we inter-seeded amongst turf are also doing well. The only competitor of the fescue that is still hanging on is poa annua. This grass will fade as the fescue establishes and more herbicide applications are made.

Tillinghast Mounds:

We have begun to bring back some of the original architects intent with fescue grass mounds where some of the original bunkers are. Right now the mounds have been let to grow, with some original fescue present along with invaded grasses. The grasses that have invaded the fescue mounds is not intended to be there and have provided for a thick, nasty lie. I will spray these invaded grasses out to thin out the mounds. I do feel that these mounds are key features and resurrecting them to the original fescue grass as designed is moving in the right direction towards the clubs goal of returning back to Tillinghast’s design.

fescue grass mounds 2016

This mound, left of 3 green, has been sprayed and shows the invaded grasses dying out with the original fescue thriving.

fescus 1516 2016

This mound, between 15 and 16 has not been sprayed yet, showing the thick invaded grasses intermingled with the original fescue. After spraying these, they will take on the look of the mound next to the green on hole 3.
The mounds that have been let to grow make up 18,000 sq feet,
which is about ½ of a percent of the total playable golf course acreage.


The wet area adjacent to 14 blue tee and cart path was found to be a leak in the water main that feeds the snack shack. We have repaired the leak and are letting it dry out before we re-grass the area.

dirt path 14 2016

We are also addressing the dirt path that runs off the cart path of hole 14 to the rough. Top soil and seed will be spread on this area and we will rope off, as carts should stay off until it is ready

House Grounds:

house grounds 2016

We have been busy cleaning out, thinning out and mulching landscape beds throughout the club grounds and golf course. Doug Stanton, our new part time horticulturist, has done an outstanding job keeping the grounds gleaming. He will be planting some more annuals next week by the 1st tee, pool area and planters by hole 18.

We have worked hard to keep a common goal within our staff, improve on a daily basis. We are better conditioned and more efficient than last season, better today than yesterday and look forward to tomorrow. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our operation

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